Lockdown Looming...

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

It'd absolutely wild to think back just a matter of weeks, and imagine that what is now our reality, was even conceivable. We'd all heard of Corona Virus, over the past few weeks, however, I think it's safe to say that we all just thought that it wouldn't effect us so dramatically. However, here I sit, in isolation (that is currently being advised, although I'm sure it won't be long until it's forced) with a MENTAL toddler who is no longer allowed to visit her Granny and Grandad (i.e. give me a break) or attend nursery (i.e. give me a break) or run around the local soft play (i.e. give me a break). And I can't help but feel that the situation and the restrictions put upon the public, are about to get a whole lot more strict in the coming weeks.

So the aim of me turning to blogging, is so that I can try and find light in this dire situation we now face. It's aim is to be a light-heated diary of the highs and lows of this time we're all about to embark on, still being respectful to that fact that we are so so so incredibly lucky to be in the situation we are in, compared to others, however, I need somewhere to vent.