The Short-Lived Taste of Freedom

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

We'd just returned from an extended holiday to Lanzarote, and if I knew what we were coming home to, I'd have made sure I enjoyed my freedom even more. The plan upon returning to Scottish soil, was for Nel to get shipped off to nursery, and for my to try and reintegrate myself back into the physical side of running my business, which I run with my husband, Sam. Since having Nel, I've been involved still on the computer based side of things, and worked a handful of events, however, I haven't really gone back to work physically. Sam and I run a seaside kiosk in the town of St Andrews, which gets really busy with tourists during the summer months. We specialise in toasties, good quality coffee and ice creams, and the busy summer is critical for us to survive the quieter Winter months. We also have a trailer under the same business at another Fife beach, and an events business, which again, gets busy in Summer.

The thought of going back out there, and having grown up conversations with real life humans, and not having to base my life around nap times and tantrums that can only be resolved by episodes of Peppa-Bloody-Pig, was oh-so-close. But to tell the truth, because of having so long away from the shack, I was scared of going back in parts. The anxiety of having people I'm paying to work for me, correcting me, because I can't make a cappuccino (back when I started the business and worked there myself, it was very much instant coffee or nothing) was terrifying, however, with Nel enrolled in Nursery, and spending a few days a week with her Granny, it was definitely time.

There were a few days of freedom, with me set to return to work in April. These joyous days were spent getting on top of my accounts, going to the gym and grabbing lunch with Sam, without a little person running around our feet, demanding it was time to go back to the car. I was getting on top of my healthy eating, cutting out the booze, and losing a bit of weight. (The last few weeks in Lanzarote, rotated rather heavily around "happy hour" for myself and Sam, a novel concept, whereby we just decide at any point, usually about lunchtime, to crack open the gin).

Shortly after returning home, we noticed that the topic of Corona Virus was being featured more and more heavily on the news. It was last week (16th March) that things took a serious turn, when Boris gave a press conference, speaking about how our lives were about to get rather different, and of course introduced us to the phrase "Social Distancing", one that we can't quite escape now. I must admit, at first I wasn't taking it seriously enough, and I'm guilty of going to the pub on the Saturday before. However, as the week has gone on, and the Government have acted in ways which show things are going to change (although they need to act a lot more strongly in my opinion) there really is no doubt that this situation is absolutely dire, and we're all in a ginormous shit show.

On a selfish note, our food business has been closed down. Technically, we could continue to carry on trading, as delivery only, however, until testing can be introduced more widely for the Corona Virus, the thought of being responsible for spreading it further, doesn't sit well with us, so we've shut up shop until further notice, PRAYING that we qualify for one of the Government's grants for those in the hospitality industry affected by COVID 19. Currently, if you're a non rate paying business (us) you don't qualify for any grants...even though we pay thousands annually in taxes, and pay other commercial rates to the council monthly, we're not being looked after. There's talk of hope for businesses like ours but we shall see...