We Have Ourselves a Lockdown Situation

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

.So last night, Boris came on the telly, to announce that the UK has now entered a "lock down" situation, whereby people will only be able to leave the house for one of the following reasons:

- To shop for basic necessities such as food and medicine

- To do one form of exercise a day, alone or with people you live with, i.e. run, walk or cycle

- For a medical need

- Traveling to and from work if your job is deemed essential

To be honest, we'd been spending the last week or so mainly indoors anyway, conscious that many people weren't taking the advise about social distancing seriously enough. However, I'd take Nel to the beach, making sure she didn't touch anyone or anything, and if she even tried to, just shouting "NO NEL, THAT'S COVERED IN JOBBIES!!" (Scottish for shit) which made for a lovely and relaxing time, as you can imagine.

It was getting to the point where she would look at the play park, and was wanting on the swings and the slide too much. Knowing what a breeding ground it would be for all germs, never mind coronavirus, maybe it was better to start staying away.

So now it's enforced, I'm kind of relieved. Relieved but sad. It's all very scary, like something out of a dystopian movie, however, the sooner we stay in, and lessen the amount of infection, the sooner life as normal can resume. And I know I'm so lucky. I get to stay at home with a husband who loves me and does't beat me, and my baby who's just gorgeous, whereas I know around the world now people are having to be in awful situations because of it, but I do have to allow myself just a little space for self wallowing. It's shit; it's a really shitty situation, because such a large part of me feels guilt for not providing enough fun for Nel during this time.

Last week, guessing that the lockdown was coming, I went to The Range, and bought about a million arts and crafty things, to keep her going and get creative during this time. But when I say my toddler is mental, I'm really not exaggerating, and with that, her attention span is really quite short. The box of buttons I bought her, in the hope of providing a fun "colour sorting" game, lasted all of two minutes, before being launched across the living room, in a fit of boredom-induced rage. And to think we've got AT LEAST three weeks of this...